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FocusPoint Webinars

FocusPoint is a series of webinars intended specifically for the senior investment strategist whose time is at a premium. Never lasting more than 45 minutes, these sessions employ webinar technology to link the same professionals featured in live events to invited audiences on the web. Using video and graphic presentation technology, and interactive software, these sessions zero in on the practical and provide participants with insights of immediate value. Topics range from market shocks to major political, economic, and securities-market developments worldwide, as well as insights on governance and best practices in stewardship over investment portfolios.

Strategic uses these SRF events, its website, and its research to share with its clients the latest thinking on investing and to have them profit from an ongoing collaboration with other investment professionals. This has proven to be an extremely effective way to incubate new thinking, challenge existing strategies, develop ideas and partnerships, and leverage limited resources.