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About Us

Firm Overview

Strategic is an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) industry pioneer, founded in 1987 as an “investment department for hire” to provide sophisticated, customized investment solutions to a select group of clients. 

We know from experience the importance of sound fiduciary governance and the merits of an open architecture platform built around the careful identification of skilled investment managers. We also understand that each client is unique and requires portfolios specifically tailored to their individual goals and risk preferences. Principles of investment excellence, an ethos of close alignment and partnership with clients to help them weather periods of volatility, and exemplary service to our small number of clients have guided us since our founding, and they inspire our diverse team of 95 professionals every day.


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Empowering clients to achieve their investment goals.

Strategic Investment Group was founded with a single mission: to provide sophisticated, customized investment solutions to clients who chose not to manage investments internally, and we recognize that for OCIO to work as it was intended at its inception, we must deliver the returns our clients need. 

Now, as we enter our thirty-sixth year, that mission remains the same, and the missions of our clients inspire our work each day. We build enduring partnerships with our clients through the transparent communication of our disciplined investment process, a sound governance framework, and world-class client service. Our singular focus—with no business model conflicts—helps us maintain our commitment to apply our experience, insight, drive, discipline, creativity, and integrity to the business of investing.