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Videos and Multimedia

Webinar: 2024 Midyear Check-In on Markets and Outlook

In this webinar, members of Strategic's Office of the CIO and Senior Investment Team delve into potential forward-looking return drivers, including valuations across markets, and assess potential opportunities for value creation.

Webinar: A Year in Review and 2024 Outlook

In this webinar, members of Strategic's Office of the CIO and Senior Investment Team looked back at 2023, which was a profitable year in many financial markets, but was also a year that many forecasters largely got wrong. They then turned to key points to be considered when assessing opportunities across asset classes in the effort to enhance value in 2024.

Video: Timeless Strategies of Highly Effective Investment Committees: A Conversation with Charley Ellis

Hear from expert Charles “Charley” D. Ellis, Founder of Greenwich Associates and Former Chairman of the Yale Endowment, interviewed by Nikki Kraus, President and Chief Client Officer of Strategic Investment Group. 

Webinar: The Importance of Governance During Volatile Markets

Nikki Kraus, Chief Client Officer, and Valentina Glaviano, Managing Director, Client Development, discuss successful approaches for building a solid foundation of governance during turbulent times.

Webinar: A Roadmap for Your Journey Towards Aligning Your Endowment With Your Mission

Does your investment portfolio reflect your institution’s values? In this NACUBO Workshop Webinar, Strategic Investment Group presents a "roadmap" that outlines the steps for boards and committees to consider implementing and guidance on the right questions to ask.

Webinar: Comprehensive Asset Liability Management 2020

Eric Bendickson, Co-CIO, Nikki Kraus, Global Head of Client Development and David Ordoobadi, Managing Director and Economic Counsellor, explore the main elements of the Comprehensive Asset Liability Management approach in the context of the special challenges faced by healthcare systems in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar: Sleight of Hand Tricks: A Cautionary...

Nikki Kraus, Global Head of Client Development and James Robertson, Managing Director, Client Development, share their observations on the sleight-of hand tricks used by some OCIO providers to win business.

Webinar: Yes, OCIOs Can Be GIPS Compliant

Nikki Kraus, Managing Director, Global Head of Client Development, Josh O’Brien, Managing Director, Investment Operations and special guest, David Spaulding, Founder and CEO of The Spaulding Group, address common misconceptions.

Webinar: 2019 Investment Outlook and Strateg...

Markus Krygier, Co-Chief Investment Officer, and David J. Ordoobadi, Managing Director and Economic Counsellor, explore the outlook for 2019 and discuss the key questions that investors should focus on in the rest of the year.

Webinar: Clearing the Fog: The Role of GIPS C...

The Outsourced CIO industry has been expanding rapidly, in terms of the number and types of participants and providers and it is becoming increasingly necessary to provide greater uniformity in the way that providers report performance.

Webinar: The Big Questions for 2017

We appear to be at the cusp of a shift from deflationary fears to reflationary hopes, with markets poised for an uptick in global economic growth and inflation. However, with policy uncertainty high and market valuations full, investing in 2017...

Webinar: 2016 Investment Outlook

We explore the outlook for 2016 and discuss Strategic’s investment strategy for the upcoming year.

Webinar: Does Lift-Off Equal Risk-Off

In 2015 the U.S. Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates for the first time in 11 years. While investors have been anticipating this move for some time, its impact on global markets remains uncertain.

Webinar: Long and Short of Extension Strategi...

Implementing extension strategies requires especially skilled managers to control risk and, therefore, necessitates careful investor due diligence. We believe that extension strategies, if managed well, can play a beneficial role in many portfolios.

Webinar: 2015 StressTest - Potential Shocks,...

Regularly reassessing the continued appropriateness of investment strategies is a crucial element of sound investment governance.

Webinar: How Smart Is Smart Beta

Smart Beta strategies—quasi-passive portfolios promoted for their potential to add value over ordinary benchmarks by exploiting market inefficiencies—are proliferating and attracting assets at a rapid clip.

Webinar: OCIO Performance Measurement Analysi...

Ronald Klotter, Managing Director at Strategic, outlines the challenges involved in the process of evaluating and comparing returns among Outsourced CIO providers.

Webinar: Investment Outlook for 2015 - Chall...

2015 promises to be another challenging one for investors. Starkly diverging central bank policies, structural economic shifts in most developed nations, and an array of geopolitical hotspots will keep markets on the move.

Webinar: The Art and Science of Manager Termi...

Deciding when and why to terminate an investment manager is one of the most difficult judgments that fiduciaries must make.

Webinar: Expert Tilts - Panning for Gold in a...

Strategic Investment Group's Tim O’Hara will reveal some of the insights that form the foundation of a tilting strategy, which can be combined with traditional asset allocation to enhance any portfolio.